1. Origin

An organization of social Activists from rural origin joined hands to liberate the poor, vulnerable, destitutes, handicapped and the down trodden of the socially, economically, culturally, politically suppressed communities in Villupuram District.

As an outburst formed in 1973 and legally got registered in 1975 as a Voluntary Society with all legalities. Now anchored at Mangalapuram Village with its head quarters with all infrastructure facilities as our central office.

2. Recognition :

PMD is registered as a voluntary organizations under Tamil Nadu Society’s registration act 27 of 1975. It is also registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act in 1985 and obtained exemption under income tax act (12A). PMD is one of the approved NGOs by Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation to Implement Women Development Programme.

3. Mission :

To bring together the have nots the deprived to strengthen & empower the CBO’s to achieve their social, political and economic recognition.

4. Vision :

A peoples movement towards rejuvenation. PMD society is committed to educate, organize and Train and promote rural poor agriculturists, women and Dalits for their effective participation sustainability and peace with religious harmony, towards socio, economic development and empowerment and total change etc. in 150-Villages around PMD – centre to bring desirable situation from undesirable living condition.

5. Goal :

To catalyze the peoples movement to strengthen the CBO’s towards self – reliance and total development and thus enable them to become masters of their own destiny and reclamation of human personality.

6. Thrust :

PMD ventured to launge as an organization to eradicate the gender, communal disparities due to caste and religion, which diversified the communities and brought in disunity.

The deserving were deprived their rights for hopeful livelihood, integrity and dignity

PMD determined to empower the people to determine by themselves, and their participation for their own empowerment and development with self respect and dignity and human personality.

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