1. Women Development :

PMD was convinced that people can change their lives for better (the most needy) not for charity. It has been the truth that PMD strives to extend the same rights and services to the low income house holds (weaker, vulnerable, discarded) that are available to everyone else.

PMD also recognized that the poor people are the solutions not the problems for their rights. i.e to build on their ideas, energy and vision.

PMD also believes that “ the most powerful gift a woman has is her inner strength and self confidence”

PMD has promoted women self help groups with the support of the Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd.,

Every year Women’s Day is celebrated and resolutions are carried over to the authorities.

The Mission Comprises :

- To build capacity of the poor and disadvantaged women in order that they are enabled to cross all social – economic barriers and thereby facilitate their full development into empowered citizens.

- To empower women to work together with men as equal partners and to inspire a new generation of women and men to work together for equality, sustainable development and communal harmony.

This women development programme is implemented in Kanai & Chinnasalem blocks. Various trainings were availed (Animators & Representatives Training, SHG members trainings, Health Training, Panchayat level federations Training, Entreprenurship Development Trainings, Vocational skill trainings, Youth leadership Training, Para legal Aid Trainings etc.

As a Result :


Sl. No

Name of the Block

No.of groups formed

Total Savings

Loan Assistance availed

No.of Members






23.18 Crores

5.68 Crores

16.95 Crores





26.65 Crores

3.16 Crores

21.65 Crores





49.83 Crores

8.84 Crores

38.6 Crores


Visible economic development activities :


Sl. No.

Collective Actions

No.of groups

Invested Amount

Employment opportunity created


Flower Cultivation





Vermi compost





Seed Bank





Grocery Shop










Ration shop





Vegetable Shop





Vessels shop





Cycle Puncture Shop





Bricks Making unit





Beef Stall





Mini Hotel





Aricanet Leaves Plate Making





Metal lamp making





Beauty Parlour





PMD’s birth root is agrarian, the organizations executives, staff members and the beneficiaries are from rural base. Agriculture is part and parcel of their lives.

In course of time, the agricultural lands have been left uncared due to soil erosion, Salinity and dry, Rain fed crops have been dropped out.

Farmers are heart broken to cultivate their lands due to the Modernisation and excalations costs of the chemical fertilizers. On the other the yield also is meager. Here exists hand to mouth struggle. PMD and well trained staff identified the solutions to revitalize the agricultural farming. PMD introduced the bio – farming system. The farmers are trained on

 Bio – farming
 Vermi Compost
 Vegetable cultivation
 Cultivation of cash crop and food crops
 Regular cultivation
 Rain fed harvest
 Drop Irrigation
 Nursery Raising
 Floriculture

And made them realise the value of the soil Migration in search of labour is totally eradicated.

3. Rural Sanitation

Access to safe water and sanitation have been identified as a basic human need and necessity. PMD has engaged in a collective effort to address the hygiene issues related to water and sanitation and arrest the imminent dangers facing humanity due to water crisis and lack of sanitation. Hygiene promotion is an indispensable part which cannot be achieved without the involvement and participation of the people.

The rural people of Kanai, Mugaiyur and Chinnasalem blocks have been promoted the “key hygiene and treatment behaviours. The awareness created have induced to own individual toilets at every house. During this year PMD enabled to construct toilets

4. Child Care :

The rural children below five years nearly 50 of them are taken care of they have been provided. Mind power techniques. The centre is well equipped to have access to children.

- Creativity
- Word Power
- Word Games
- Comfort level
- Confident level
- Communications skills
- Interpersonal Intelligence
- Natural Intelligence
- Spiritual Intelligence
- Child rights

Child labour is eradicated.

5. Day care for the aged

The aged citizens who left uncared, longing for love, affection and consolation are taken care of. Nearly 150 of them are fed daily. There they are availed free medical care. For their major illness they are taken over to Government Hospital at Villupuram. Periodical eye checkups, dental care are attended to. PMD gives priority to the elderly citizens. We feel it as a privilege to feed the poor, heal the sick, be their hands and feet and also feel the presence of God in the midst of their pain.

6. Rural schooling

In the operational area of PMD. Most of the schools lack infrastructures, mainly the school building. The children are taught under tree shades. The school campus is not conducive for learning. Hence PMD realized the urgency, and significance of primary education, where mostly the have nots, - dalit, tribal and weaker sections children learn. The local governance fail to avail the children the necessary infrastructure. PMD took the Yeomen task of providing school building to the remote corners.

7. Students Summer Camp

During the summer, the rural children particularly the students of upper classes form 8th to 12th standards – of both sexes were provided additional academic inputs. Along with, they were given

- Leadership skills
- Sportsmanship
- Skills development in arts and science

By which the dropout rates are minimized and also it has given new vigor to study better. The inability to learn more is diminished. The students who attend the summer camp are doing well in their studies. Till date PMD had promoted 2700 graduates of rural origin.

8. Home for the Homeless

It has been the curse of the dalits and tribals in our operational area, not to own a humanitanion dwelling. It is due to their low family economy. They have no assets of their own. The male heads migrate to cities like Chennai, Bangalore, leaving the female heads and children in cubicles. PMD ventured to provide permanent homes to the homeless. We feel proud to see our humanity leading dignified life in the permanent homes.

9. Disaster Response

Under UNDP (United Nations Disaster Programme) - generate awareness on Disaster Mitigation and preparedness to the disaster prone communities. PMD has well qualified personnel to avail knowledge and skills on “Community based – Disaster Management”.

This programme is implemented on Community Actions (Participatory learning and Actions) PMD believes that “Every person has knowledge”

Mitigation and preparedness for hazards of any sort (Natural / Manmade)

10. Micro Insurance

Insurance is not an expense instead, it is an investment to safe guard ourself from unexpected dangers, loss and to meet future necessities. With this motive PMD has encouraged the Micro insurance among all the target group particularly the rural women, who have no safe guards of their own.

11. Health Care & Eye Camp

Health Education and health services are one of the predominant area PMD is committed. Since the service area is remote and drought prone, lack of transportation, health conditions are very poor. People have no access to health services. Health services are beyond the reach of the people. Free Eye-medical camps are organized every year to provide free treatment and lenses for the poorest of the poors in interior villages.

Hence PMD has trained health volunteers who pay visit to the villages and provide health educations on preventive and curative medicines. The health focus is promotion of Herbal Medicine

Through which IMR and MMR minimized. Through health focus, environmental sanitation is safe guarded. People have been promoted with key hygiene behaviours, Maternal health, prevention of Childhood illness and HIV – AIDS.

A Birth Station at Anaiyeri village is constructed to cater the Medical services to the remote and rural poor

12. Health Services :

PMD has developed rapport with health system project at district level to avail ambulance service to the needy at times of emergency. Two ambulances are available at the organization for service.

13. Legal Aid to the poor

Justice, Liberty and equality are the guiding principles of our Indian Constitution and all our laws . But these noble promises are not adequately realized by the poor and other weaker sections of our society.

The poor are ignorant of their legal rights. They have experienced law as an instrument of their oppressions by the powerful. Hence a dynamic and multidimensional legal aid programme is imperative necessity to reach social justice to the weaker sections of the society.

PMD has set up a legal aid communication cell and also conducted training programme. For Para legal workers, who provide first aid to the weaker section of the community in the Rural areas and help in settling disputes and in preventing legal problems. The local legal problems are brought to limelight through PLF (Panchayat Level Federation) to the legal aid sell at the organization.

Legal advisers are deputed to take the legal issues to the Judiciary and obtained justice to the affected. On the other hand PMD also promote legal literacy to create legal awareness among weaker sections and arrange for publicity of important legislation. Concerning women bonded labour, Agricultural labour, Tenants, Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe. PMD also rendered assistance to the members of the weaker section with necessary legal requirements.

14. Skill Development to Youth :

The aimless and loitering rural youth (educated, dropouts) were encouraged to undergo skill Trainings (certificate course) in Computer Applications, Offset Printing, Tailoring, Carpentry and in Aricanut Paper plate production. Thus enable the youth with skills for their livelihood employment and also safeguard them from social and cultural vulnerabilities.


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