To inculcate Religious Harmony and Integration PMD Celebrated the Kumbabishegam embrasing Hindus, Christians, Muslims in discrimination of caste and sect. The main focus is to bring peace, love and universal brotherhood. These religious significances were Celebrated as honored by the National festivals without disparity and disharmony. Such events took place at Kakkanur, Sangeethamangalam, Mullur, Pudur, Anaiyeri villages as witnessing example for Religious harmony.


PMD published the treasures of toil, agonies, miseries, the bickerings the untouchables experienced down from the history and the victims of the untouchability, i.e the founders of PMD, how they overcome in their lifecycle, in a form of a volume, named DIGNITY AND FREEDOM FOR DALITS.

This book spells out the life’s work of a group of Dalit teachers to emancipate the Dalits from their wretched condition so as to bring them dignity and freedom. In their lifetime, these volunteers have been able to bring dignity and freedom to themselves and to other Dalits living in 150-villages

The book is in response to the verdict of the “ The New Indian Express {Chennai- Thursday- August 30, 2007} - UNTOUCHABILITY STILL PREVALENT IN VILLAGES.
The book had been released by His Eminence The Governor of Tamil Nadu on 19.12.2007.


1. Sustainable Organic Farming – Profitable Cultivation – maintain spirit of cultivation.
2. Establishment of People’s Bank & Birth Station.
3. Cottage industries on Agricultural products and Bi-product on milk and create agricultural service centre.
4. Holistic village Development through Panchayat Raj (Local Self Government)
5. Provision of Houses for the Homeless People and Tsunami victims and Flood devastation in 150-villages.
6. Strengthening of village Panchayats (Local Self Government).
7. Construction of Rural School Buildings in 20-villages provide education for all.
8. Educational – Social – Economical and Political Empowerment.
9. Provision of Individual Toilets in Dalit quarters – under Total Sanitation.
10. Income generation programmes for Rural women to witness self sufficiency.
11. Construction of Check dams – Canals and Drip irrigation maintain ground water level.
12. Strengthening of SHG & PLF for effective participation and management of the village.
13. Provision of Infra Structural facilities in Dalit quarters – (Schools – Community Halls – Drainage system – Individual Toilets – Drinking water.
14. Establishment of Computer Trainings and offset printing press and Community collage better opportunity for Reusable life.
15. Solid waste was management – watershed management – Environment free from pollution.
16. Seed Banks – food security – Vermi Compost – plantation of more trees.
17. Solidarity – Religious harmony – self sufficiency with effective participation and management in 150-villages towards Dignity – Freedom – peace - Solidarity.
18. Community College.
19. Special coaching centre for Dropouts and slow learners.
20. Common store in key villages to procure seeds and food stuffs.


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