As a result of the participatory and empowerment approaches the following impacts have been generated

• Economic aspects
• Social aspects
• Cultural aspects
• Political aspects
• Spiritual aspects

Personal :

Personal attitudes and skills among women have changed

• Self esteem and self – confidence have increased
• Basic personal skills have been developed
• Practical skills have been developed
• Ready to face the challenges.
• Self assessment towards development.

Cultural :

Attitudes and behaviors towards others have changed

• Involvement and participation of the individuals has increased
• Awareness of human rights has increased
• Respect of women has increased
• Civic sense and solidarity have developed

Awareness & habits are changed

• Awareness on political and social issues
• Habits to handle money has emerged
• Awareness on natural environment has increased
• Welfare Schemes are made use of
• Find a Way or Make a Way.


Livelihood is improved

• Social security is improved
• Social mobility has increased
• Educations is improved
• Health situation is improved
• Nutrition is improved
• Utilisation of available opportunities
• Self Employment and income generation improved.

Social justice is improved

• Human rights situation is improved / Discrimination is reduced
• Gender in equality is reduced
• Violence against women is reduced
• Women are empowered (at individual family and society level)
• Co-operation and solidarity have improved
• Public relationship has developed.
• Self respect developed.


• Managerial skills are improved
• Women contribute to financial decisions (at family level)
• Exploitations by money lenders have reduced
• Access to credit has improved
• Linkages with banks and government schemes have improved
• New economic opportunities have emerged and diversified
• Rational use of natural resources is on increase
• Organic forming is in practice
• Profitable business increased.

Benefits :

• Income improved
• Employment increased
• Own capital created
• Economic independence generated.
• Asset created.

Political :

• SHG members are more vocal in civil society
• SHG members demand and obtain their rights
• Women participate actively in local politics.
• SHGs are strong and sustainable
• Contest in Local Panchayat elections
• Formerly discriminated persons and groups are respected.
• Banks treat and canvas SHGs as clients.
• Politician take into account the women votes / interests.
• Readiness to oppose problems.


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